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10 reasons to switch to VoIP

05/08/2016 By: CIM News

Calls are cheaper

Because VoIP routes phone calls over the Internet your local and national calls are free, regardless of their location. International calls to other countries cost a fraction of the rates charged by phone operators, thus lowering your monthly bill. With CIM Services’ VoIP system we can give you free calls to all 01, 02 and 03 numbers.

You don’t have to maintain an expensive PBX system

With an on-premise phone system, if you want enterprise features you have to purchase and maintain the system yourself which can be expensive. With hosted VoIP, you can manage all this yourself all through an online dashboard. So there is no expensive equipment for you to purchase or maintain.

Free handsets

Say no more, you get your handsets for free!

Bring your Voicemail up to date

Fed up with having to manage your voicemail by dialling in, listening to the message and then deleting each message? With VoIP voicemail, voicemails are delivered to you via email. This even gives you the ability to listen to them on the move from a mobile device. You can manage your voicemails just like emails.

Integrate with other applications

Many of our customers use software such as Sage CRM or Salesforce. VoIP is an Internet-based service so it can be easily integrated with other applications so customers can quickly call customers from the CRM product.

Ensure customers get the right help

No-one likes to be transferred round and round a phone system to try and get through to the correct person. Auto attendant is typically seen as an expensive additional feature but with CIM Services’ auto attendant you can divert your customers to the right department at no extra cost.

Upgrading doesn’t take much time

An upgrade of a phone system can take as little as a few hours as our phone system are simply plug and play. Let us do the hard work as we can forward and migrate your phone numbers. We provide a technician to come on site and then help install it all for you.

Call from anywhere in the world

As our VoIP system is hosted in the cloud, you can deploy extra handsets to other offices around the world as if they were just another phone on another desk. From there, you can transfer calls and call each extension for free. Businesses are also seeing the advantages of not having any telephony costs when moving offices, setting up branch offices and giving employees the flexibility of setting up their handsets in their home office environment.

Call recording

Traditionally, setting up call recording was expensive. You needed to set up a system in order to store all those calls. With CIM Service’s VoIP system, you have all your calls recorded on our hosted platform so no expensive equipment required.

Disaster Recovery

What would happen if your current phone system broke down or was unavailable? With our VoIP system, if your office was unavailable in the event of a disaster, you can quickly log online and redirect all calls to an alternative number. This helps keeping your business up and running.

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