5 reasons to have our Sage Disaster Recovery

05/08/2016 By: CIM News

How long would your business survive without your Sage software? What would you do in an event of a disaster? The CIM Services’ Sage Disaster Recovery software will take a nightly backup of your Sage data and then publish your Sage data from our data centre in the event of a disaster allowing your business to continue to function and access Sage. You will have access to your Sage Accounts data and Sage Manufacturing data from almost any internet connected device.

Business continuity

With CIM Services’ Sage Disaster Recovery, we aim to get your data restored into our data centre and available to you within 4 working hours keeping your business critical Sage solutions running.


We take data security seriously and that is why our servers are located in secure data centres. The servers will be yours and yours only and are not shared with any other client.


Because our servers are hosted in our secure data centres, we can make your Sage software available to almost any internet connected device, 24/7.

Quick restore

“But I already back up my data!”. That is correct for a lot of businesses as a nightly backup and in some cases an hourly backup is common practice but what would you restore your data onto in the event of a disaster or serious server downtime? What server would you use to get your business up and running? We already have a copy of your Sage data ready to be restored on our server infrastructure that we have custom built for you in the event that it is needed.

Fully supported

We routinely test the Sage Disaster Recovery to make sure that it is working and ready when needed. We keep your servers up to date and check that your backup has worked. Every. Single. Night.

For more information about how CIM Services’ Sage Disaster Recovery can work for your business, please contact enquiries@cim-services.co.uk

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