5 reasons to switch to Cim200 Manufacturing from Sage 200 Manufacturing

26/07/2022 By: Alison Ward

The release of Cim200 Manufacturing has been an exciting time for us at CIM Software, being able to provide our customers with an alternative solution to Sage 200 Manufacturing.

Sage appointed an independent software testing company to test the stability and functionality of Cim200, and we are proud and excited to announce that Cim200 passed the tests with flying colours and has now been listed on the Sage Marketplace.

We understand from the Sage 200 Manufacturing Product Update that Sage have withdrawn Sage 200 Manufacturing from sale and has entered Extended Support in line with customers current version of Sage 200 Professional.

See below for the top 5 reasons why Sage 200 Manufacturing customers are switching to our Cim200 Manufacturing solution:

  1. Integration with Sage 200 Professional
  2. Continuous product development
  3. Familiar, updated user interface
  4. Easily customisable
  5. Migration Tool

1. Integration with Sage 200 Professional

Cim200 is integrated directly within Sage 200 Professional which we have achieved by expanding the standard Commercials and Bill of Materials modules, and provided new enhanced Manufacturing modules, while retaining the look and feel of Sage 200 Manufacturing.

Cim200 is compatible with all supported versions of Sage 200 Professional.

2. Continuous product development

Sage 200 Manufacturing has had little development work carried out within the last decade.

Cim200 Manufacturing is a product that has been developed using 120+ years of industry-leading manufacturing experience. With an annually released new version and multiple service packs throughout the year, you can expect a whole host of new features to improve your manufacturing processes.

We pride ourselves on listening to all comments and feedback received so we can add new features that not only improve our software, but help our customers work more efficiently.

3. Familiar, updated user interface

When designing Cim200 Manufacturing as an alternative to Sage 200 Manufacturing we followed several key philosophies to ensure our software package is familiar to customers who currently use Sage 200 Manufacturing.

Our aim was to keep the familiar look and functionality while introducing time saving enhancements, such as the powerful ‘Stock Profile’, a one stop shop for all stock movements.

The manufacturing modules have been designed from the ground up. Some notable improvements include the scheduling of MPS and MRP directly from Sage 200 Professional, the use of multiple routes, and enhanced Works Order and BOM costing screens, to name a few.

The familiar interface means limited training, keeping the migration costs to a minimum.

4. Easily customisable

Cim200 is easily customisable to fit your business needs.

New settings and functionality enable you to tailor Cim200 to operate within your business requirements.

Cim200 SDK’s allow you to seamlessly integrate 3rd party applications from other specialist software solutions.

5. Migration Tool

A specifically designed tool allows you to migrate from Sage 200 Manufacturing to Cim200 quickly and easily.

This “One-Click” migration tool will carry over your data and settings from Sage 200 Manufacturing with minimal downtime.

Our migration tool is not limited to Sage 200 Manufacturing either. You can use the migration tool to upgrade from Cim50, our manufacturing solution for Sage 50, or from Infor: Swan.

Streamline your business processes

Cim200 is built into Sage 200 Professional and provides an ever-growing range of enhancements and new features that you can take advantage of. New powerful enquiry screens and user-friendly functionality enable you to streamline your processes and save time.

Where can I get more information on Cim200?

Please click here for further information, which includes a brochure and a feature comparison document between Cim200 Manufacturing and Sage 200 Manufacturing.

If you are an existing Sage 200 Manufacturing customer and would like to discuss your options for upgrading to Cim200, or to arrange a free demonstration of the software, please contact us at any time using the contact us button below.

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