5 reasons why you should switch to Cim50

5 reasons to switch to Cim50 Manufacturing from Sage 50 Manufacturing

11/04/2022 By: Alison Ward

The release of Cim50 Manufacturing has been an exciting time for us at CIM Software, being able to provide our customers with an alternative, award-winning solution to switch to from Sage 50 Manufacturing.

The following post lists out the top 5 reasons why Sage 50 Manufacturing customers are switching to Cim50 Manufacturing solution, with some bonus reasons at the end.

Why switch from Sage 50 Manufacturing – 5 Reasons to Switch to Cim50 Manufacturing

  1. Integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts
  2. Continuous product development
  3. Modern, updated user interface
  4. Easily customisable
  5. Control your data backups

1. Integration with Sage 50cloud Accounts

We understand from the Sage 50 Manufacturing Product Update that Sage had stopped supporting and testing the integration between Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.

It has also been confirmed that there is a compatibility issue with Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 and V28.1, you can find out more here.

Cim50 is currently compatible with Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and v28, ensuring that this vital integration between your software packages is never interrupted.

Access all product record fields from Sage 50cloud Accounts and carry out any stock transaction within Cim50.

2. Continuous product development

As you know, Sage 50 Manufacturing has had little development work carried out within the last decade.

Cim50 Manufacturing is a product that has been developed using 100+ years of industry-leading manufacturing experience. With a yearly new version and multiple service packs throughout the year, you can expect a whole host of new features to improve your manufacturing processes.

We listen to all comments and feedback received from customers to keep producing a solution that will provide data management and processing for all.

3. Modern, updated user interface

When designing Cim50 Manufacturing as an alternative to Sage 50 Manufacturing, we followed several key philosophies to ensure our software package is familiar to customers who currently use Sage 50 Manufacturing.

We have replaced the somewhat outdated Sage manufacturing user interface, with an easy to use, modern user interface, backed with new, powerful technology.

4. Easily customisable

Cim50 is easily customisable to fit your business needs.

Select from a variety of modules, with Stock Control as standard, giving you complete visibility from supplier through to the customer, along with everything you need to manage your manufacturing processes.

Cim50 includes additional, configurable analysis codes throughout each module, which can be tailored and set up to suit your business requirements. 

5. Control your data backups

The Cim50 Backup has been redesigned to changed the way you backup your data.

Manually backup and restore both your Sage 50 Accounts and Cim50 at the same time. Schedule an automatic backup, so you can rest assured that both your software packages are tied together, and never out of sync.

These are some of the reasons that didn’t make the cut, but are worth mentioning.

Microsoft SQL 2005 backwards compatibility

Sage 50 Manufacturing uses SQL express as a database for storing information.

In order to use Sage 50 Manufacturing with the latest versions of SQL, you need to be able to install the SQL 2005 backward compatibility components. These are no longer supported or available from the Microsoft website.

This presents a challenge for customers looking to upgrade their hardware and operating systems that are still using Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Migration tool for Sage 50 Manufacturing to Cim50 Manufacturing

Replacing Sage 50 Manufacturing with Cim50 Manufacturing is seamless with a one-click migration tool, moving your Sage 50 Manufacturing data to Cim50 modules.

Allowing Sage 50 Manufacturing users to retain the data and history they have built up.

Streamline your business processes

Cim50 integrates seamlessly with Sage 50cloud Accounts and Microsoft Office 365, saving you time and boosting productivity.

Generate emails with Outlook and export data to Excel for further reporting.

We would also be more than happy to provide you with a demonstration of the software. Please contact us should you wish to arrange this.

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