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5 reasons your business needs IT Support

11/12/2019 By: Alison Ward

One of the most commonly outsourced jobs in business is for IT support services. Small to medium sized businesses trying to manage their own IT can be time consuming and expensive. We have put together the following list to showcase the importance of acquiring IT support…

1. Consolidate your services…

Complementing your existing Sage/Cim50 software services with IT support can provide a plethora of benefits. Your IT team can work directly with our Sage/Cim50 software support team. This is to streamline responses, minimise downtime and use in-house knowledge and expertise to keep your business moving forward.

2. Increase ROI and save money…

Hiring IT support is an investment. With the right IT company supporting your business and its requirements, it is guaranteed to save costs over time. With an IT mean, you will not have to worry about consistent costly repairs, expensive software investments or unexpected fees, etc.

3. Real time support, upgrades and embracing new technology…

When implementing IT support, an audit is carried out which provides the team with an in-depth knowledge of your current IT systems and requirements. Our IT support team will ensure your software, hardware and data are protected from viruses, malware and possible hacking attempts.

Receive real time upgrades as your business grows, ensuring your systems are as up to date as they can be, whilst remaining competitive. Adopting new technologies allows you to advance company goals and seek further areas for expansion and growth.

4. Enhance overall security…

No matter what type of business you run, your company data is primary. An IT support team will implement a reliable backup system, top of the range cyber-security and in most cases, put a disaster recovery plan in place for any unforeseen disasters or events.

If any data is lost for any reason, an IT support team will have a recovery system in place. This is to retrieve lost files, maintaining the technological integrity of your business and minimise downtime.

5. Focus back on what’s important…

Your IT support team can be on hand to assist with any computer related issues and/or questions. Meaning, you can focus back on what’s really important, your business and your customers.

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