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5 ways your IT can help businesses adjust to the ‘new normal’

07/07/2020 By: Luke Chalmers

Covid-19 has simply changed the way we work. It has not only changed the way we have worked over the last few months but has most likely changed this forever. Businesses have had to quickly implement IT solutions to allow their employees to work from home. Almost overnight, everyone has had to become VPN, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom experts.

After 10 weeks of lockdown, we have all quickly learned that to get through this pandemic, remote working is essential. Businesses are starting to see employees come back to work and it is a great opportunity to take stock and understand what IT solutions have worked, what have not and also what IT solutions are needed to allow your business to become more flexible and scalable.

Cloud computing has seen substantial growth over the last few years and Microsoft’s Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, said on April 30th: “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

Businesses are quickly implementing cloud-based solutions and already seeing the benefits. Here are our five solutions we believe can vastly help your business and adjust to the ‘new normal’.

1. Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

There’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction with a colleague. The next best thing is video calls and internal social channels. The latter should be separate to work talk and is a great way to keep happy, healthy, and motivated.

The above are all combined with Microsoft Teams. Also, Microsoft is offering this for free.

Part of Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams, the fastest-growing teamwork application. Teams is one of the best solutions on the market to communicate with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Since March, Microsoft Teams users have grown from around 32million to 77million.

It is currently free for 6 months so if you would like to discuss implementing teams further then please contact us.

2. Hosted Server

Before Covid-19, many SMBs were buying on-premise servers over cloud-based servers. We found that this was due to end-users not being comfortable storing their data in the cloud. A lack of confidence from all parties to configure and deploy a cloud server also contributed.

With 99.99% uptime, cloud servers are possibly the biggest asset a company could have.

Rather than spend thousands on new hardware, we can ‘turn on’ a server for you and you only pay for what you use with a simple, fixed monthly price. When you no longer need it, we can turn it off giving you more flexibility and cost management. Each Hosted Server comes with an optional VPN and backup and all data is stored within a UK data center.

3. Hosted Telephony

On-premise telephone solutions are just not an option when working remotely. You cannot pick up your desk phone and take it home! With Hosted Telephony, your employees can work from anywhere without the need for call forwarding and using personal mobiles. A VoIP solution can be deployed quickly, remotely through the cloud giving employees access to their own office number as if they were in the office.

You can add users easily to scale the solution as and when your employees come back to work or as your business grows. For full flexibility, our system is available across multiple devices, is feature-rich, and simple to install.

4. Online backups

Not everyone is going to be at the office to help change those tape drives every day and with your office potentially being empty, who is going to keep your company data protected?

With Online Backups, this is completely taken care of.

Our online backup solution allows customers to back up to a local device located on-site but your servers are also backed up to the cloud. In the event of a disaster or your office is unavailable, we can simply turn on your servers in the cloud and have you up and running within hours rather than days.

5. Windows Virtual Desktop

Finally, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a new solution from Microsoft. In short, it’s your Windows 10 PC but in the cloud. Accessing WVD only requires a single piece of software installed on the user’s device or access to the VWD website. You can use any device they want, from your desktop computer, tablet, and even your mobile phone allowing you to access files, emails, and applications as if you were in the office. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go!

With Windows Virtual Desktop, only pay for virtual machine and storage usage consumed making this one of the cheapest remote access solutions on the market.

Final thoughts

A second wave of Covid-19 is a possibility but even if it doesn’t happen, remote working is going to be a huge talking point in 2020 and beyond. If you wish to discuss how new IT solutions can help your business, then please email [email protected], call 0844 8711 669, or contact us here.

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