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Would your business benefit from a new VoIP phone system?

25/04/2016 By: CIM News

Would your business benefit from a new VoIP phone system?

CIM Services can provide your business with a new hosted VoIP solution which will save you money, provide you with a flexible phone system as well as giving you brand new handsets.

“Your right, my phones could do with upgrading. What’s the deal?”

We give you brand new handsets for free! You pay a low cost monthly fee for the handsets and low call costs. It’s very similar to a mobile phone contract.

“This still sounds like it could be expensive?”

We believe we can beat your costs and be able to give you brand new handsets at the same time. We will also do the install and training for free as well!

For more information about how we can help your business then call 0844 8711 669 or email

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