Case Study – Applied Laser Engineering

29/07/2021 By: Jake Middleton

Applied Laser Engineering, ALE, manufactures a range of laser engraving and scanning systems.

Applied Laser Engineering uses state of the art technology to engrave, texture, image, and micromachine the surface of cylindrical forms that are used in a variety of printing, embossing, and texturing applications.

Having used Sage 50 Manufacturing for years, implementing a variety of workarounds in order to continue to function, ALE identified the need to change.

ALE reviewed Access MRP as an alternative solution, with the motive for change being that their existing solution is no longer development and they’d reached the limits of what Sage 50 Manufacturing could deliver.

Access MRP presented a substantial change, including the time and overheads involved with moving to a new manufacturing ERP solution.

“Cim50 came on the scene just at the right time for us at Applied Laser Engineering, with its biggest draw being that we did not need to drop Sage 50 Accounts in the process, with all the baggage that would come with a move to an alternative solution.”

“An effortless migration, a familiar but streamlined workflow, with new and improved features through Cim50, made this migration feel more like an extension and natural progression, rather than a painful change.”

Cim50 Case Study Applied Laser Engineering

If you’d like to find out more about Applied Laser Engineering and their Cim50 journey, please feel free to download the full case study below.

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