CIM Virtual Desktop – Access your desktop and applications from virtually anywhere

09/09/2021 By: Jake Middleton

Having the ability for your business to be able to work remotely has now become an essential requirement. Deploying remote access systems used to be expensive due to licencing costs and it’s complexity.

We are now pleased to offer CIM (Azure) Virtual Desktop, which provides a familiar cloud-based Windows 10 experience allowing multiple users to connect remotely to access your data and applications, as if they were using their office desktop, from any device. and save costs by removing additional hardware costs and using existing eligible Windows licenses.

Flexible remote working

Azure Virtual Desktop gives a seamless Windows 10 experience with simple integration with Microsoft Office 365 on any internet connected personal device.

Reduce costs

You can save over to 45% with our 1 and 3 year commitment offering reducing the cost even further from a standard.

Seamless working

Users get the same experience they’d have on their own desktop or laptop. From using Outlook, sharing OneDrive files or using MicrosoftTeams.

Stay online

Don’t rely on your own office power, internet and backup solution to keep your remote desktop system running. Take advantage of Microsoft’s secure and always online datacentre.

Quickly scale

If you need more users to work remotely, we can quickly add more resources so no need to buy additional hardware saving you more money.


Azure Virtual Desktop is hosted in Microsoft’s secure datacentres. Help secure your employee and company data by storing it in Azure rather than local devices.

Cost Calculator

Build your own Virtual Desktop solution by using the handy calculator below. Select a server with your required payment terms and select a client with your total number of users.

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