Cim200 Manufacturing – Coming Soon

23/09/2021 By: Alison Ward

We are excited to announce that Cim200, our new Manufacturing solution for Sage 200, is coming soon.

Our design philosophy for the Cim200 Manufacturing product has focused on providing a powerful and intuitive manufacturing solution, which enhances the core Sage 200 modules along with the additions of our own Works Order and Planning modules.

We have developed a complete migration tool that makes it easy for Sage200 Manufacturing customers to transition to Cim200 Manufacturing, the tool will transfer all the manufacturing settings from the Sage modules along with the option to migrate all Works Orders or just current live Works Orders.

We have also partnered with market leaders Draycir and Datalinx to provide Spindle Document Capture functionality and Shop Floor Data Collection within our Work Orders module.

Cim200 Manufacturing - Stock Control Module

Stock Control

Stock Profile – Provides a single screen overview of the stock situation for an item, pulling information from Stock, SOP, POP, Works Orders and Planning to provide a complete picture of demands and replenishment.

Quarantine – Dedicated quarantine functionality to allow you to inspect receipted goods before booking into stock.

Rapid Entry Stock Movements – Cut down on transaction data entry times by utilising our Rapid Entry Stock Movement Screens.

Bill of Materials

Kitting – Take advantage of Kitting functionality to process Kit builds quickly and efficiently in Cim200 Manufacturing.

Multiple Routes – Configure BOMs with multiple routes, giving you the flexibility and insight on the build options available when raising a Works Order.

Percentage BOMs – Liquid and food manufacturers can take advantage of our Percentage BOM functionality, allowing you to define components by the percentage of the finished goods.

Cim200 Manufacturing - Bill of Materials Module
Cim200 Manufacturing - Commercials Module


Scheduled Sales Orders – Generate scheduled orders with multiple delivery dates for a single order line over a fixed or flexible period of time.

Customer Part Numbers – Utilise Cim200 Manufacturing customer part number functionality to make order entry easier when customers provide their own part numbers.

Quick Library Text – Build up a library of quick text comments that can be added to an order at the touch of a button.

Purchase Order Receipts – Effortlessly allocate stock to Works Orders on receipt.

Works Orders

Familiarity – We have designed our Works Orders to look and feel like a BOM from the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module. Users who are familiar with Sage 200 BOM will instantly feel comfortable working in our Works Order module.

Keep Control – Cim200 has built in easy to use interfaces allowing you to easily see Costing History for a Works order, carry out traceability enquiries directly from within a Works Order and utilise the Audit Log to see everything that has happened on an order during processing.

Capacity Planning – Utilise our Rough Cut Capacity Planning tool to easily identify resource shortages.

Project Accounting – Link Works Orders directly to your projects in the Sage Project Accounting module, taking away the need for manual adjustments in Projects.


Customer Forecasts – Generate customer specific Sales Forecasts, defining demand on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Scheduled MPS & MRP – Schedule MPS and MRP runs directly from within Cim200 Manufacturing.

Interrogate Recommendations – Utilise Cim200’s intuitive MRP screens to drill down on recommendations, see how demand will be satisfied or where replenishments will be used.

Taking Control of Cashflow – Customer schedules change, potentially impacting your production schedule. When they do, utilise our re-scheduling functionality to ensure you receive the component items required for manufacture based on the new production schedule, ensuring you receive goods just in time, saving you valuable warehouse space and not putting additional burdens on cash flow.


We have partnered with Datalinx to deliver a versatile Shop Floor Data Capture system, as well as Draycir, integrating their Spindle Document Capture technology in to our Works Order module.

What’s Next?

We will be running a series of webinars in the coming months, giving you an introductory overview on the product.

The launch of Cim200 is scheduled for the end of November, following a successful beta testing program.

Once complete, we will update you as soon as the product launch date has been confirmed so keep an eye out for future communications.

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