Introducing Cim200

Manufacturing software for Sage 200.

Cim200 provides you with all the tools you need to control each stage of your manufacturing processes, giving you the control and confidence you need from your business-critical software.

We have combined our 120+ years’ worth of manufacturing industry leading experience and knowledge to produce our own cutting-edge software solution for Sage 200. Cim200 is a fully integrated product that looks and feels like Sage 200, but with all the extra functionality you expect from a manufacturing solution.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy has focused on improving manufacturing process efficiencies, streamlining data entry, and providing powerful enquiry screens to allow you to maximise your manufacturing output potential, whilst controlling your stock levels and cash flow, enabling you to focus on your business growth.


Complementing Cim200 with your current Sage 200 software provides you with the following additional modules:

        Stock Control manage your stock.

        Bill of Materials configure your built items.

        Commercials control your orders.

        Works Orders manage your production.

        Planning despatch in time.


We have developed migration tools from Sage 200 Manufacturing, Cim50 and Swan Manufacturing to ensure continuity of your business-critical data.

To explore further, scroll down to view each Cim200 module, or download some of the available resources.


Track and maintain the items you sell, buy, or manufacture

To enable Cim200 Manufacturing to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control, all development has been implemented using the same well known user interface.

Many new features have been added to enhance the way you manage your stock, including a detailed stock profile showing the current and projected stock levels.

Rapid entry stock movements screen, allowing you to make quick and easy stock movements, along with an audit log showing any amendments made to the stock item, by whom, and when.

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Choose what is right for your business, depending on your manufacturing requirements.

Cim200 has enhanced the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module with additional new features, improving your manufacturing build processes and production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments.

A production line environment can take advantage of multiple routes, enabling you to react to changing demands on your production lines and maximise output.

Food, chemicals, and ingredient-based manufacturers can utilise Cim200 Percentage Bom functionality to ensure production accuracy.

Kit Bom functionality enables assembly environments to streamline kitting and despatch processes.

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Improve your existing order routine.

Sage 200 Commercials has been enhanced to take advantage of new Cim200 features, such as being able to view the stock profile screen when creating or amending sales or purchase order item lines or using the supplier part number when raising a new purchase order item line.

Any linked works orders can be viewed, simply from within the sales or purchase order item line.

Other features have been included to further improve the ordering routine, including quick text, courier details and a better scheduling of sales orders, along with the option to allocate to works orders on purchase order receipt.

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Control and monitor all the items that are currently in production.

Setting up your stock items and bill of materials is just half the battle when trying to maintain the items you are manufacturing and selling.

The Cim200 Works Orders gives you the functionality to control and monitor all the items that are currently being manufactured, either as sub-assemblies for other bill of materials, or as finished items to be despatched on sales orders to fulfil your customer demand.

A suite of powerful enquiry screens and documents provides your production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly.

Production managers can utilise Cim200 capacity planning functionality to ensure there is sufficient capacity to satisfy your demand.

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Always ensure you can meet your customer demands.

Meeting your customer demand in the timeliest and most cost-effective way is one of the key elements required from your manufacturing software. Cim200 Planning is imperative in helping to achieve this goal.

It reads the demands from across all modules, whether it be customer demand via a sales order, shop floor demand from a works order, maintaining stock levels through ‘make for stock’, or even demand from a sales forecast in the future.

It encapsulates all requirements into one easily controlled screen, detailing all the finished goods and components that are needed to fulfil the demand, giving the user full flexibility to choose the most appropriate supplier or amend the build or purchase quantities to suit.

The Cim200 Planning module will help you to ensure all replenishments required to satisfy your customer requirements are met.

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