Cim200 – Bill of Materials

Choose what is right for your business, depending on your manufacturing requirements.

Additional Cim200 features have been added to the Sage 200 Bill of Materials module to enhance your manufacturing build processes.

Improve your production efficiencies

New functionality has been added to improve production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments.

A production line environment can take advantage of multiple routes, enabling you to react to changing demands on your production lines and maximise output.

Food, chemicals, and ingredient-based manufacturers can utilise Cim200 Percentage Bom functionality to ensure production accuracy.

Kit Bom functionality enables assembly environments to streamline kitting and despatch processes.

Customise your Bill of Materials

Cim200 includes new analysis codes which can be defined within the components and operations of a BOM, these analysis values can be carried across onto any new works order raised for these BOM’s.

Explore Cim200 Bill of Materials in more detail below…

Cim200 Bill of Materials

Percentage BOMs

If you manage liquids, chemicals, or ingredients, this option will allow you to setup your finished goods components as a percentage on the bill of material.

Utilising the units of measure conversion held against the component stock record, any percentage on the bill of material will be converted to a specific quantity that will  be updated when it is processed.

Cim200 Bill of Materials - Percentage Boms

Kit BOMs

Kit BOM will allow you to despatch bill of materials without the need for a works order.

At the point of despatch, the ‘kit’ is built, removing all the components from stock that are required.

The bill of material is added into stock, and then despatched.


Cim200 Bill of Materials KIT

Audit Log

If you want to know who created or amended a certain BOM, and what changes were made, then the audit log will provide that information.

It will simply list what was changed or added, by whom, and when.


Multiple Routings

Cim200 Multiple Routings allow you to setup several routes, each with potentially different operations.

This could depend on production capacity, sub-contract availability or lead time. A ‘preferred’ route is selected as a default but can be changed.


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