Cim200 – Commercials

Enhancements to improve your order routine.

Adding extra functionality and new modules within Sage 200 is only useful if they can be utilised throughout the software.

Sage 200 Commercials has been enhanced to take advantage of these, such as being able to view the stock profile screen when creating or amending sales or purchase order item lines or using the supplier part number when raising a new purchase order item line.

Any linked Works Orders can be viewed, simply from within the sales or purchase order item line.

Additional features

Other features have been included to further improve the ordering routine, including quick text, courier details and a better scheduling of sales orders, along with the option to allocate to works orders on purchase order receipt.

Explore Cim200 Commercials key features below…

Cim200 Commercials

Needed By

Quickly identify where received goods are needed, allowing you to streamline your business processes and ensure your stock gets to where it is needed as efficiently as possible.


Linked Orders

In Cim200, you can view a list of currently linked works orders to the sales order item. You will also be able to link the selected stock item line to an existing works order, along with viewing and amending the works order itself.

Cim200 Commercials - Linked Orders

Despatch Kit BOMs

If the item to be despatched has been setup as a ‘Kit BOM’, assuming the components of the kit have the correct stock availability, they will be ‘built’ into the BOM, added to stock, and the BOM will then be despatched.

The stock movements will show the components being issued to the BOM build and then the Kit BOM being despatched to the sales order.


Supplier Part Numbers

Maximise the potential of your stock item supplier information by drawing upon the supplier part numbers held against the stock record.

Giving you the flexibility to raise orders for supplier part numbers.



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