Cim200 – Stock Control

Track and maintain the items you sell, buy, or manufacture

To enable Cim200 Manufacturing to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control, all development has been implemented using the same well-known user-interface.

Many new features have been added to Cim200 Stock Control to enhance the way you manage your stock, including a detailed stock profile showing the current and projected stock levels, and a rapid entry stock movements screen, allowing users to make quick and easy stock movements.

Complete visibility on your stock records

If you want to know who created or amended a certain item, and what changes were made, then the audit log will provide that information. It will list what was changed or added, by whom, and on which date.

Explore Cim200 Stock Control in more detail below…

Cim200 Stock Control

Rapid Entry Stock Movements

Quickly transfer stock between warehouses or bins, and adjust or write off stock. All in an easy to read, multiline entry form.


Transaction Running Stock Totals

View the current stock level or retrospective stock at the time a transaction was carried out with this additional field on the transaction history screen.


Quarantine Inspection

Utilise the Cim200 Quarantine Inspection during purchase or works orders receipts, and BOM builds, to ensure that stock cannot be used until it has passed through quarantine.

Accept goods from Inspection into available stock or reject them and automatically write off stock or raise a purchase return.


Cim200 Stock Control - Quarantine

Customer Part Number

Some customers like to order using their own part numbers. In Cim200, you can easily search stock items by customer part number, and show this on the sales order, as well as your own.

This functionality allows you to enter a customer reference, which can then be used when adding an item to a sales order and can be printed on the relevant paperwork.


Cim200 Stock Control - Customer Part Number


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