Cim200 – Works Orders

Control and monitor your items in production

Setting up your stock items and bill of materials is just half the battle when trying to maintain the items you are manufacturing and selling.

Cim200 Works Orders gives you the functionality to control and monitor all items that are currently being manufactured, either as sub-assemblies for other bill of materials, or as finished items to be despatched on sales orders to fulfil your customer demand.

Utilise Cim200s powerful enquiry screens

A suite of powerful enquiry screens and documents provides your production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly.

Production managers can utilise Cim200 capacity planning functionality to ensure there is sufficient capacity to satisfy your demand.

Complete visibility over your production processes

Effortlessly share comments with your colleagues about certain requirements on a specific job by utilising the memos functionality, which allows you to enter your notes with a date and time stamp.

If you want to know who created or amended a certain works order, and what changes were made, then the audit log will provide that information. It will simply list what was changed or added, by whom, and on which date, including when the works order was completed, or even cancelled.

Explore Cim200 Works Orders in more detail below…

Cim200 Works Orders


At the point a works order is entered, the components required to make the bill of material specified on the order are populated within the ‘components’ tab and the quantities calculated based on the works order quantity required.

Using the Cim200 Planning module, trial kitting, or manual intervention, any shortages can be purchased or made to fulfil the requirements.

If components need to be added or removed, these can be amended within this list, and the quantities adjusted to suit.


Cim200 Works Orders - Components


When a new works order is raised, the operations that exist on a specified route of the bill of material are carried over onto the works order.

These can be amended for that specific job and will be treated as the ‘working route’ for that works order which can be changed as required whilst leaving the original operations intact on the bill of material.

Operational information in Cim200 gives the user quick and easy access to all the relevant data for each operation, including setup, labour, machine, and tooling times, through all phases of the job.

Cim200 Works Orders - Operations

Trial Kitting

Utilise trial kitting to ensure your component stock levels are sufficient to fulfil specific works order demand.

View a list of shortages for multiple works orders and raise replenishment orders from within this screen.


Cim200 Works Orders - Trial Kitting


Costing gives a full breakdown of all costs including material, labour, machine, setup, teardown, tooling, subcontract, additional expenses, and overheads, showing the estimated cost when the works order was raised, along with the latest estimate, and the actual once the job is completed.


Cim200 Works Orders - Costing


Raise the required subcontract purchase orders, along with despatching the goods and receiving them back once the subcontract process has been carried out. Subcontracting shows you any items that are currently ‘out’ at the supplier and the dates required, along with the quantities.


Cim200 Works Orders - Subcontracting


In certain industries it is inevitable that components, or even the finished goods themselves, will be scrapped due to a fault during manufacture.

Cim200 allows you to scrap these items, recording the reason why, by whom, and when.



If a part number is marked as a traceable item, it can be crucial that the correct batch or serial number is allocated and issued to the job.

With traceability in Cim200, easily track where an item has been used, and what batch or serial numbers were produced from a job.

Giving you easy access to key information directly from the works order.


Operation Times

For some companies, default times set on operations are sufficient to cost the job, however, many need more accurate costs.

Using the Cim200 operation times and costs functionality, book times for a specific employee with their own rate, using a designated machine that also has its own cost, for a specified works order. This ensures that every second booked against a job is costed accurately.


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