Easily control your stock with CIM50 Stock Control. This module mirrors the available fields within Sage 50 Accounts, giving you one screen to maintain your stock records. The aim is to provide all Sage functionality, with the enhanced features from CIM50, within one easy-to-use interface. Manage and control your stock Take advantage of the new module, to utilise traceability, quarantine and the ability to amend sales order despatches or purchase order receipts. Work the way your business does As with all CIM50 modules, Stock Control includes an additional 20 analysis codes that can be tailored and setup to suit your business requirements. Monitor key indicators for your stock; including supplier and despatch performance with cost variances.


Configure your built items with CIM50 Bill of Materials. This module offers the flexibility to choose what’s right for your business, depending on your manufacturing requirements. Total flexibility Includes multi-level bill of materials with the ability to build and reverse build. The audit log allows you to track every change made, ensuring they are maintained correctly. An ongoing costing history, with a detailed breakdown, gives you the confidence that your build and purchase costs are accurate; capturing material, labour and machine overheads. Increase business efficiency You are able to assign components to relevant operations and detail on the appropriate paperwork to ensure components are only allocated when needed. Trial kitting multiple bill of materials, allows you to raise works orders and purchase orders for several jobs.


Manage your production with CIM50 Works Orders. This module allows you to follow the ‘build’ on the shop floor, with amendable documentation, detailing the quantities of components required, which operations are needed and when. Manage stock movements Raise purchase orders, despatch goods to your sub contract supplier and receive them back within one easy maintenance screen. Reserve your component stock, including batch numbers or serial numbers, or simply issue to the required build. Reduce costs and delivery times Assign components to specific operations, which in turn, have their own due dates, meaning you only buy stock when you need it, easing cash flow and warehouse space.


Despatch in time with CIM50 Planning. This module is key to controlling your stock and ensuring goods are manufactured in time to despatch to your customers. Maintain stock levels Recommend purchase orders and works orders based on current demand held within Sage 50 and CIM50. Read from sales orders, sales forecasts, works orders and make to stock items. Or simply ensure that your stock levels are at the reorder level set against the stock record. Understanding your recommendations After every MRP run, a simple document detailing how and why it has made the recommendations, enables the user to understand and interrogate the data easily. Automate MPS and MRP at a convenient time for your business.


Manage your sales with CIM50 Quotations. Create quotations for manufactured items, configuring them on the fly from within the record itself, including non-stock items. Flexible pricing Define multiple price breaks with automatic cost calculation for pricing break quantities. Raise sales, purchase and works order from within your quote. Setup repeat service and miscellaneous items. Detailed cost analysis View the detailed profit and loss, broken down by material, labour, machine, overheads and subcontract costs. Giving you full visibility of your costs, revenue and expected profit margins.


Process stock movements with CIM50 Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC). This module allows you to process stock transactions from the convenience of a handheld tablet or workshop PC, working harmoniously with Stock Control, Bill of Materials and Works Orders. Streamline your production processes Integrating seamlessly with Stock Control, SFDC allows you to process stock location transfers and quarantine inspections against products. Generate purchase orders simply by scanning items that you require in your workshop. Effortlessly process goods for despatch, goods received and stock counts, with figures being automatically uploaded to CIM50. Control your built items Immerse yourself in a plethora of features with SFDC and Works Orders. Allocate and issue stock simply by scanning component stock, batch or serial numbered items. Scrap components and finished items, record reasons and re-issue replacement components if required. Despatch and/or receive components that require subcontract processes. Complete a works order, booking finished items into stock. Increase product profitability SFDC allows you to process BOM builds/reverse builds, scanning out/in component stock and adjusting in/out finished items.


When designing our software, we followed several key philosophies to ensure CIM50 is familiar to customers who use Sage 50 Accounts, or have used Sage 50 Manufacturing. We focused on ensuring that CIM50 is easy to use, with a modern user interface, whilst providing powerful functionality and clear, easy to understand reporting. We have listened to all the comments and feedback we have received from customers, as well as business partners, to come up with a solution that will improve data management and processing for all. To find out more information about CIM50 and how it can help your business, please click for our CIM50 brochure.

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