Cim50 – Bill of Materials

Configure your built items and choose what’s right for your business

Cim50 Bill of Materials gives you complete flexibility to control your production processes. Utilise multi-level bill of materials with the ability to build and reverse build. Track changes with the audit log and view a detailed breakdown of your costing history.

Reduce costs and improve accuracy

With Cim50 Bill of Materials, you have the ability to track every change made, ensuring your records are maintained correctly. View an ongoing costing history, with a detailed breakdown. Thus, giving you the confidence that your build and purchase costs are accurate, capturing material, labour, and machine overheads.

Customise your bills of materials

Most importantly and as with all modules, Cim50 Bill of Materials gives you the option to customise up to 20 analysis codes. These can be utilised specifically to search and filter information.

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Trial Kitting

Trial Kitting provides you with an overview for the items you may wish to build, checking for shortages.

Easily raise works orders and purchase orders for several jobs, ensuring manufacturing and purchasing costs are most efficient.

View labour, machine, setup and subcontract requirements for complete transparency.

Cim50 Bill of Materials Trial Kitting

Audit Log

With Cim50 Bill of Materials, the audit log allows you to check for amendments and ensure your bill of materials are accurate.

Track any changes made and by whom, with the option to search for specific amendments.

Export the audit log to Excel for further reporting.

Cim50 Bill of Materials Audit Log

Costing History

With Cim50 Bill of Materials, take advantage of ongoing costing history, giving you the confidence that your build and purchase costs are accurate.

Visualise your exact costing breakdown using the on-screen chart.

Calculate the cost of building your bill of materials, including material, labour, setup and overheads.

Cim50 Bill of Materials Costing Breakdown

Build, Reverse Build

Explode your components back into stock with accurate costs using the reverse build option.

Establish the maximum quantity that can be manufactured based on current stock availability.

View a complete breakdown of your components and sub-assemblies with Implosion and Explosion.

Cim50 Bill of Materials Explosion


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