Cim50 – Planning

Control your stock and ensure goods are manufactured in time.

Cim50 Planning is key to controlling your stock and ensuring goods are manufactured in time to despatch to your customers.

Respond faster to shifting customer demands

Recommend purchase orders and works orders based on current demand held within Sage 50cloud Accounts and Cim50.

Read from sales orders, sales forecasts, works orders and ‘make to stock’ items. Or, simply ensure that your stock levels are maintained using reorder levels.

Take control of production

Automate both MPS and MRP at a convenient time for your business, with user specific default settings.

Explore Cim50 Planning’s key features below…

Planning Manufacturing Software for Sage

Sales Forecasts

Sales Forecasts are used to pre-plan your customer sales demand prior to the customer placing the order with you, to ensure that you have enough stock available, or in production, when the order comes through.

Raise sales forecasts by day, week or month, to ensure you have sufficient stock to satisfy your expected order book.

Export sales forecasts to Excel for extended data manipulation.

Make for Stock

Anticipate customer demand with Make for Stock.

The principle behind a Make for Stock demand is that you can tell Cim50 you want X amount of a product in stock on a certain date.

Cim50 will then raise recommendations accordingly to achieve that goal, keeping you ahead of the game.


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