Cim50 – Works Orders

Manage your production

Having setup your list of Stock Records and Bill of Materials, you need a module to look after your production; this is Cim50 Works Orders. An intuitive module which allows you to track a job through the production process on the shop floor, with amendable documentation, detailing the quantities of components required, which operations are needed, and when.

Intuitive design and efficiency

Utilise easy interfaces and enquiry screens to allow you to have complete confidence that your jobs are bring completed on time, on spec, and within budget.

Reduce costs and delivery times

Assign components to specific operations, which in turn, have their own due dates, meaning you only buy stock when you need it, easing cash flow and warehouse space.

Rough-cut capacity planning and a real-time work to list allows you to manage your production resources to ensure jobs are completed on time.

Explore Cim50 Works Orders below…


Take advantage of an advanced subcontracting module, which allows you to control all subcontract processes.

Raise purchase orders, despatch the goods to your sub contract supplier and receive them back within one easy to use screen.

Amend and confirm the receipt quantities, along with the supplier GRN number and notes you may wish to add against the receipt.

Carbon Emissions

Utilise the Cim50 Carbon Emissions dashboard to interrogate your emissions over a defined period, showing which works orders and/or machines contributed to your total carbon emissions for a selected period.

Effortlessly offset your emissions with the click of a button,  redirecting you to a variety of offset providers who you can sign up with to offset your carbon emissions.

Track history

Capture every amendment to your works order with the audit log, ensuring your data is accurate and your costs are correct.

View the current costs of your works order through the detailed costing enquiry, broken down by material, labour, overheads with an expected costs comparison.

Manage your resources

Record labour bookings against your jobs, either by employee or works order and check the available capacities of your labour and machine resources.


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