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Coronavirus – Sage 200 – Connected Users

17/04/2020 By: Alison Ward

As your Sage business partner, we are aware of the impacts that the coronavirus is having and want to do whatever we can to help you tackle the challenges this situation brings.

We are committed to helping you through this challenging time; that’s why we are pleased to inform you that Sage has made the decision to issue all Sage 200 license managed customers four web free connected user licenses for 90 days, from 9th April.

What does this mean for you?

If you are on the 2013 product version or later, you should see these licenses in your account. We hope they will go some way to helping with the transition as your employees are working from home.

Connected users will give remote access to support employees. Providing users with access to all Sage 200 workspaces (read-only & enquiries) including print, spooler and running reports.

Further Information

Will everyone benefit from the additional users?

We want to deliver the licences in a way that will not cause disruption to customers’ businesses. The licences will be deployed to all Sage 200 products that are licence managed by our online licensing service. This means that all Sage 200 2013 and above versions, and all variants including Sage 200cloud Standard, Sage 200 Extra Online & Sage 200cloud Professional are included.

Will all versions receive the complimentary licences?

The Connected Users feature was introduced in our 2013 product version, so can only be used by customers on this version or later versions. Sage 200 customers on a perpetual licence or using an offline licence will be unable to receive the additional licences.

I already have connected users, what does this mean for me?

This change will increase the number of users you currently have.

Are there maximum user limits in the product?

For Sage 200cloud Professional and Sage 200 Extra Online, there are no connected user limits. Sage 200cloud Standard & Education variants do have a limit and are referenced in our Fair Use Policy.

How do I ensure the change has been made?

On a daily basis, your licence gets automatically refreshed. The new entitlement of connected users may take up to 24 hours to activate within your software.

Will there be any extensions to the 90 days?

We currently have no plans to extend the 90 days, however, we’ll monitor the situation and provide an update should any changes or extensions occur

Will you notify me when we’re approaching the end of the 90-day period?

Yes, we will notify you the week before.

How can connected users support me?

Connected user licences offer access to the Sage 200cloud data remotely via a web browser and include the following functionality:

  • Access workspaces/reports
  • Enter and submit purchase requisitions
  • Enter timesheets*
  • Authorise expenses*
  • Enter expenses*
  • Authorise timesheets*

*requires Project Accounting Module

Do you have any information on how to use this functionality?

Full details on the web app are available in Sage help files here.

I’m about to go through my annual contract renewal, will this increase my price?

No, these additional users are complimentary and will not impact your renewal.

I’m already paying for connected users; can I have a refund / not pay for those licences?

This change doesn’t impact existing licence requirements and is complimentary, so cannot be offset.

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