COVID-19 – Important Information

25/03/2020 By: Alison Ward

As you get to grips with the possible impacts the coronavirus (Covid-19) has on your business, we want to let you know we’re here with advice on how to keep Sage software running and give information to support you during this time.

What we’re doing

We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and take steps to mitigate risks to our customers, partners, and colleagues. As you may already know, all our employees are working from home, ensuring that there is no noticeable impact on the service you are currently provided.

With that being said, all training and consultancy will be provided remotely until further notice and our consultants will be in contact with individuals with projects ongoing to discuss.

In the meantime, please take the time to review the details below, which we are sure you will find useful.

Sage Coronavirus Hub

The Coronavirus Hub gives you access to the latest news, advice and business readiness tips, as well as information about how your current solutions can play an important part in your readiness plans.

Find out more, here.

Sage Software Hub

Many businesses (like ourselves) are looking into how they can operate their business if people can’t go into their office – remote working is a top priority, but security is also key. Sage is working to get all products on their hub and will continue to update the site accordingly.

To find out more about your Sage software, click here.

Sage – VPN Connections

Sage does not support the running of Sage software over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. However, if you connect via VPN and Remote Desktop Connection, this will work fine and is supported.

To read the full Ask Sage article, click here.

Cim50 – Working from home

If you are using Cim50 and need to work from home we’d recommend remotely accessing your software using a VPN and a remote desktop connection. This gives you full access to your software and data.

and finally…

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button below. We are here to assist you with any Sage and IT challenges you may have during this time.

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