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Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features from Cim200.

Open: Bill of Materials > Records > New Bill of Materials
Open: Bill of Materials > Records > Amend Bill of Materials
Open: Bill of Materials > Records > Amend Bill of Materials (Elevated Privileges)
Open: Bill of Materials > Enquiries > View Bill of Materials

Note: The View Bill of Materials option allows you to view the BOMs but not amend them.


Percentage BOMs

Percentage BOMs allow material component quantities to be recorded as a percentage of the total rather than a specific quantity. This is useful for companies that deal with liquids or ingredients, such as chemicals companies who formulate products by specifying the percentage of each component that makes up the finished item. A BOM that is marked as a percentage BOM will be treated differently when being read by MRP and/or when creating a new works order.

Tick the Percentage BOM box to make the Bill of Materials a percentage BOM. This changes the label on the Components tab from Quantity to Percentage %. A Percentage Total calculation appears below the components list, which sums up the percentages of the components to display a total. The Percentage Total must equal 100% for the BOM to be active; otherwise when the BOM is saved it will be automatically placed on Hold and cannot be used.

All components added to a Percentage BOM must include the BOM Unit of Measure as a valid Unit of Measure in Stock Control, to convert the UOM specified on the BOM from a percentage into a physical quantity when raising works orders.

For example, if the BOM header item is stocked in Litres, all component items added to the BOM must also have Litres specified as a valid unit of measure, even if Litres is not the Unit of Measure selected for the component.


Kit BOMs can be used where a built item is not kept in stock and is only built – or kitted – to order. To streamline the build and despatch process for a Kit BOM, when it is added to a Sales Order line it does not need to be built separately; instead it is built as part the Sales Order allocation process.

Because of the particular way it is built, Works Orders cannot be created for a Kit BOM, and MRP will not create build recommendations for it; only for the resulting demands on its components.

Tick the Kit BOM box to make the Bill of Materials a Kit BOM.
For more details on building a Kit BOM, see Cim200 help on the Sales Order Despatch screen.