Courier Details

Courier Details is an optional area available during Sales Order despatches which can be used to record additional details about the consignment.

The additional details include the name of the Courier, the consignment details and tracking number of the delivery, which can then be added to the Despatch Note paperwork.


Enter Courier Details

Open: Sales Order Processing > Order Processing > Goods Despatched and Received > Confirm Goods Despatched

On the Confirm Goods Despatched screen, click Courier Details to open the Enter Courier Details screen.

  • In the Courier field enter the name of the courier for this consignment.
  • Enter the total No. of Packages included in the despatch.
  • The Total Package Weight of the despatch is calculated based on the items being despatched and the item weight set in each stock item record. It can be recalculated if the item weight or despatch quantity is changed whilst still in the screen.
  • The Package Type denotes the way the consignment has been packaged. Details can be free text entered but frequently used options can be setup in advance through Cim200 Settings.
  • A Tracking Number can also be added for reference, and for printing on paperwork.