Sales Document Lines

Cim200 provides several additional features on sales document lines.

Open: From within the Order, Quotation, Proforma or Return, click Add Item, Edit Item or View Item


Customer Part Number

Customer part numbers can be setup in Stock Control to record a customer’s own part number for a product they purchase.

The customer may order using their own part number instead of the stock code used in Stock Control. By recording the customer’s part number, it can be used for order entry instead of the internal stock code.

If a customer part number has been setup against any item for the current document customer, it can be typed or selected in the Cust Part No field to identify the item.

Once a customer part number is entered, the internal stock code that it is associated to can be identified, it is populated onto the screen.


Create Works Order

Whilst entering Sales Order lines for built items a linked Works Order can be created at the same time. If selected, the Works Order is created as the order is saved. When Works Order numbers are set manually rather than automatically, the Works Order numbers must be set as the order is saved.


Exclude from Demand Schedule

If this option is ticked, the Demand Schedule refresh will exclude this document line and MRP will not plan to replenish stock to meet the demand.


Stock Profile

Click on the Stock Profile button to launch the Stock Profile screen, giving full details of the item’s stock status.


Multiple Dates

Multiple Delivery dates can be set on each Sales document line, to allow for call-offs and planned part-shipments. Planning takes account of multiple dates when calculating recommendations.


Quick Text comments

To avoid repeatedly typing the same comments, Quick text comments are a way of setting up regularly used comments in advance, which can be copied to a comment description during line entry.