View Kit BOM Components

Kit BOMs are Bill of Materials which are built as required for a Sales Order, they do not need to be stocked. Instead, the Kit BOM is built whilst the Sales Order is allocated.

Kit BOMs are setup like a standard Bill of Material but are set as Kit BOM on the Bill of Material record.

Allocating a Sales Order line for a Kit BOM triggers the item to be built, if there is insufficient free stock available.

Once the build is complete and the order line is allocated, the kit components can be viewed from the Sales Order line.


Open: Sales Orders > Sales Order List.

  • Select the sales order that the Kit BOM was sold on.
  • Select the View button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Sales Order Processing > Enquiries > View Sales Orders

  • Select the sales order from the drop-down list. Select the order from the grid and click View Order.


1. Select the order line for the Kit BOM, click View Item.

2. Click View Kit Bom to open the View Kit Bom Components screen.

3. This screen lists the details of the components which went into this particular kit, including Qty for One built item and Qty for Line to show how many of each component went into the build.