New Drawing Record

Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features from Cim200.

Open: Management System Manager > Drawing Register > Records > New Drawing Record | Notes

Rich Text Notes

On the Notes tab, the text can be enhanced by using Rich Text formatting features. These features can be used, for example, to highlight important instructions to production staff.

The font type, size and colour can be set to the whole text, or just to specific words or sections. Similarly, text can be made bold, underlined, or italicised.

Note: Rich Text formatting can be used in Sage layouts, but this requires the layouts to be produced using Crystal Reports instead of the standard Report Designer.

To apply rich text features, highlight the section of text to format then choose from the Rich Text formatting options:

Font Style Select the preferred font style from the drop-down list.

Font Size Select the preferred font size from the drop-down list.

Bold Click to set/unset the selected text as Bold.

Italic Click to set/unset the selected text as Italicised.

Underline Click to set/unset the selected text as underlined.

Font Colour Select the preferred font colour from the palette.