About Demand Schedule

The Demand Schedule is a compilation of all outstanding demands on stock, which can come from various sources, including:

  • Stock Reorder Levels
  • Sales Orders
  • Works Orders
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Make To Stock

The details of demands are copied into the schedule, including the quantity and date required.

Demands are then split into two lists: Included and Excluded.  The Included list comprises demands which must be considered by MRP; the Excluded list comprises demands which should not be considered by MRP.

There are several reasons why a demand could be excluded.  The Demand Schedule List View gives access to both the Included and Excluded lists, by switching between the Current View.  The Excluded list features an Exclusion Reason column which details the reason for each demand’s exclusion.

The Demand Schedule is not updated in real time; it is cleared down and rebuilt by a refresh.  Refresh the Demand Schedule manually using the Refresh Demand Schedule option, or it can be refreshed automatically on a schedule as part of the Schedule MRP Refresh.


Before you begin

Ensure you have setup the Planning module as required for Demand Schedule:

  • Go to Cim200 Planning > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Planning Settings | General to configure default settings for refreshing Demand Schedule.