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Maintain Make for Stock Records

Ensure you have setup the Planning module as required for Make for Stock records:

  • Go to Cim200 Planning > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Planning Settings | Make for Stock to configure settings for new Make for Stock records.


Enter, amend or view Make for Stock records

Open: Cim200 Planning > Make for Stock > Enter New Make for Stock Record

Open: Cim200 Planning > Make for Stock > Amend Make for Stock Record

Open: Cim200 Planning > Make for Stock > View Make for Stock Record


Open: Cim200 Planning > Make for Stock List View

Select New or Amend or View

Note: The View Make for Stock Record option allows you to view the MFS records but not amend them.


  • When amending or viewing a MFS record, type or select the MFS reference to amend or view.
  • When entering a new MFS record, if Auto Generate MFS Reference is not enabled in Planning Settings, enter the Reference, which must be unique.


Code : Type or select the item Code to be used.

Name : Displays the item name once the item code is entered. Alternatively, type or select the Name of the item to be used, if the item code is not known. If the full name is not known, prefix the search text with a % symbol to search anywhere in the name.

Ignore Stock and Inventory Policy : Tick to force MRP to recommend the exact MFS quantity. This setting will default from Planning Settings but can be changed for this record.

Quantity : The quantity to make.

Unit : The stock unit of measure for the quantity to make.

Warehouse : The location to make the item into. If the option for Use Multiple Locations is not enabled in Stock Control, this will default to HOME.

Due Date : The due date for the demand. This will be used by Planning as the demand date, and in turn as the due date for any resulting new Works Order recommendations.

Status : The status of the MFS record. New records will default to Entered; leave it at this status if the MFS record is not ready to be planned, as the Demand Schedule will ignore records with Entered status. When the status is set to Released, Demand Schedule will include the MFS demand. The status can be changed to Released as the MFS is entered or can be changed later, when ready.
When amending the MFS record, setting the Status to Cancelled or Completed will mean it is ignored by the Demand Schedule.

Notes : Add any Notes as required.