Make for Stock

Make for Stock is a tool for triggering production of built items where there is no firm demand.

Make for Stock records, once Released, are identified by MRP and lead to new Works Order recommendations, which can be actioned into Works Orders as normal.

Open: Planning > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Planning Settings | Make for Stock
Open: Planning > Utilities > System Set Up > View Planning Settings | Make for Stock

Note: The View Planning Settings option allows you to view the settings but not amend them.

Enter the following settings:

Ignore Stock and Inventory Policy

This acts as a default for the setting that is displayed in the Enter New Make for Stock Record screen.

Ordinarily MRP will look at the physical stock and reorder policy for each built item before making recommendations to create new Works Orders.

For example, if there is sufficient stock to meet the demand of the Make for Stock, MRP will not raise a recommendation. Or, if the Minimum Order Qty of the item is higher than the Make for Stock quantity, the demand is adjusted upwards by MRP to the higher quantity.

If the Ignore Stock and Inventory Policy checkbox is ticked, MRP will ignore available stock and any other settings which might affect its recommendation. This means that the exact quantity entered on the Make for Stock item will be recommended by MRP.

If the checkbox is unticked, MRP will deduct available stock from the quantity required, and apply settings in the Stock Item Details | Manufacturing & Planning tab to produce the optimum recommendation.

Auto Generate MFS Reference

Enable Auto Generate MFS Reference for Sage to auto generate the Make for Stock reference when it is created.

If not selected, the MFS reference must be entered manually as the record is created.

If it is selected, the auto generated reference can be enhanced with further settings:

  • Optionally, set a MFS Reference Prefix to go before the auto generated number.
  • Optionally, set a MFS Reference Suffix to append after the auto generated number.
  • Auto generated numbers use leading zeroes to retain the correct sort order. Use Padding Length to set the number of digits to use for the auto generated number; for example, with a padding length 5 reference 215 will be generated as 00215, 00216, 00217, etc.

Overdue List View

The Make for Stock List View is a dedicated list displaying Make for Stock records.

On the list, the text for overdue MFS records can be displayed in a different colour to highlight them to the user.

Use the Overdue List View colour picker to select which colour text to use for overdue MFS records.