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View Stock Item Details

Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features from Cim200.

Warehouse Hierarchy can be used to determine, for each manufacturing warehouse location, which other locations can be used to draw component stock. Once configured, the hierarchy will be used by MRP to determine available component stock, or when allocating or issuing stock in Works Orders.

With Cim200 you can also determine the order in which warehouses are checked for stock, by assigning a priority number against each warehouse in either the Stock Item Details or Stock Item Location Details screen.


Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Stock Locations | Warehouses | Edit

If Warehouse Hierarchy is in use for Works Orders and MRP, each warehouse location can be configured with a Priority number to set an order of preference for sourcing component stock, where a component item is stocked in multiple valid warehouse locations.

To configure warehouse priority for the item, select a Warehouse then click Edit. Select a priority number to indicate the level of priority assigned to the warehouse. Component stock for Works Orders will be sourced from the item’s valid warehouses in order of priority, with priority 1 being the highest and 9 the lowest.

Note: When a warehouse location is added to the item, the warehouse hierarchy setup for that location will be copied to the item’s warehouse hierarchy.