Comments Tab

Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features from Cim200.

Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Enter New Stock Item | Comments
Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Amend Stock Item Details | Comments
Open: Stock Control > Enquiries > View Stock Item Details | Comments

Additional Comments

Cim200 provides some additional fields for recording item details. These additional details are intended for use in Certificates of Conformity.

Note: There is no native Certificate of Conformity functionality in Cim200. Producing a Certificate of Conformity from Sage can often be achieved through use of a custom report, which could include information from these comment fields. Please refer to your Business Partner for further details on producing a custom report.

1. Complete the Agreed Concessions with text you require.

2. Complete the Description of Components with text you require.

3. Complete the Conditions of Dispatch with text you require.

4. Complete the Quality Standard with text to you require.