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Customer Part Numbers Tab

Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Enter New Stock Item | Customer Part Numbers
Open: Stock Control > Stock Records > Amend Stock Item Details | Customer Part Numbers
Open: Stock Control > Enquiries > View Stock Item Details | Customer Part Numbers

Customer part numbers can be setup for recording the part number which customers use for an item. This is useful where customers prefer to work with their own codes for items, to allow the customer’s code to be used in Sage and included on documentation.

The customer’s part number can be used when entering standard item lines for Sales Orders, Quotations and Pro Formas. Instead of using the internal item code from Stock Control, the customer’s code can be keyed or selected, to identify the stock record to add.

The customer part number is then displayed against the order line and can also be added to Sales Order documents.

Adding Customer Part Numbers

In the Customer Part Numbers section, record the details of each customer’s part number.

To add a new entry, click in the white area below any existing entries.

Customer Code : Enter or select the Customer Account Code.

  • Once entered, the Customer Name will be displayed.

Name : The customer name of the selected customer account.

Part Number : The customer’s part number for this item.