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Inspect Quarantine Record

To process Quarantine stock, use this screen to record the quantity that has been passed and/or failed.

At the same time, record the destination location for passed stock to move into, and the resolution for failed stock, along with any detailed notes.

Stock can be part-inspected, for when it cannot all be inspected at once.

Inspect Quarantine Stock

Open: > Stock Control > Quarantine > Quarantine

Highlight a Quarantine record and click Inspect.

Reference : Depending on how the stock came into Quarantine, this is either the Purchase Order or Works Order number that stock was booked in on, or the Reference entered when stock was Transferred into Quarantine.

Quarantine Reason : Specifies how the stock came to be in Quarantine.

Quarantined By : The username who recorded the transaction which brought the stock into Quarantine.

Quantity : The quantity remaining to inspect.

Stock Code : The Stock Item Code to be inspected.

Name : The Stock Item Name to be inspected.

Quarantined : The date that the stock was Quarantined.

Source Module : The source module for the receipt into Quarantine.

Order Reference : The order reference, where the source is either a Purchase Order or a Works Order.

Order Date : The order date, where the source is either a Purchase Order or a Works Order.

Receipt Reference : The Goods Received Note number, where the source is a Purchase Order.

Quantity Passed : The quantity that has passed the current inspection. If any have failed, or not yet been inspected, this quantity will be lower than the total quantity to inspect.

Inspection Date : The date of the inspection. This defaults to today’s date.

Location : The warehouse and bin that passed stock will be transferred to following inspection. Where the source is a Purchase Order or Works Order, the default location will be the location specified on the order.

Inspection Notes : Enter any additional notes to record against this inspection.

Were any Rejected? : Click Yes to enable the rejection details area.

Quantity Rejected : The quantity that has failed the current inspection. The total of the quantity passed and rejected must not exceed the quantity to inspect.

Rejected Date : The date of the rejection. This defaults to today’s date.

Write Off Category : If rejected stock was written off, it will be removed from Quarantine either as a Stock Write Off transaction or a Purchase Return. Select the Write Off Category to assign to the write off, if stock wasn’t returned to the supplier.

Generate POP Return? : Defaults to No, so that rejected stock is written off. Switch to Yes if a POP Return is to be created instead.

Rejection Reason : Enter any additional notes to record against this rejection.

Needed By : Click this button to view any orders which are awaiting the inspected item.

View Stock Item : Click this button to view stock item details for the inspected item.

To view details of any demands for the inspected item, click Needed By.

To view stock item details, click View Stock Item.

Once all details of the inspection have been recorded, click Save to save the inspection, transfer passed stock to another location, and write off any rejected stock.