The Quarantine area is a Warehouse location dedicated to holding stock awaiting inspection.

Stock can be received directly into Quarantine from Purchase Orders or Works Orders, or it can be transferred from other locations.

The Quarantine screen lists all stock currently in Quarantine and allows for it to be Inspected and either passed into another location or failed and written off or returned.

Quarantine features can be enabled by ticking the Quarantine Enabled option in Cim200 Settings. This automatically adds a new Quarantine location to each item and will also add it automatically to new items as they are created.

Individual items can then be enabled for Quarantine from the Amend Stock Item Details screen.

Note: Quarantine cannot be enabled unless Multiple Warehouses is enabled in Stock Control.

Manage Quarantine Stock

Open: > Stock Control > Quarantine > Quarantine

1. By default, quarantined stock awaiting inspection is listed.

2. Use the selection fields above the list, then click Filter, to view only certain records awaiting inspection. Use the Status filter to view completed inspections.

3. To view the Quarantine stock details, select a record and click View.

4. To inspect the stock, select a record and click Inspect.

5. To print details of the inspection, select a record and click Print Inspection.