Product Groups

Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features from Cim200.

Open: Stock Control > Maintenance > Product Groups > Edit | Cim200

Select from the following settings:

MRP Manufacture Recommendation Location

The Recommendation Location is set on each stock record to determine the warehouse location that MRP Works Order recommendations use, where a built item has a shortage. Choose an option here to determine the default setting for new items assigned to the selected Product Group.

Select Demand/Completion Warehouse to have MRP generate make recommendations in the location set on the work order for Works Order component demands; for other demands it will use the location set on the demand.

Select Default Receipt Warehouse to have MRP generate all recommendations using the location which is set as the Default Warehouse in the Locations tab in Stock Item Details.

Overhead Nominal Codes

If Nominal Ledger integration is switched on in Stock Control, nominal postings are made automatically for either actual or estimated setup, teardown, production labour, machine, tooling, subcontract, and overhead costs. These postings are made when actual costs are recorded, or when works orders are completed.

If the Cim200 Works Order Settings Operation Cost Recovery Option is set to Product Group Recovery Code, the Nominal Ledger Accounts set in these fields will be used for the postings.

Postings are made to the Nominal Ledger accounts set against the Product Group assigned to the built item, meaning different Nominal Ledger accounts can be set for different Product Groups if required.

Nominal accounts for the following types of posting can be set here:

  • Setup Recovery
  • Labour Recovery
  • Machine Recovery
  • Tooling Recovery
  • Teardown Recovery
  • Subcontract Recovery
  • Overhead Recovery