Use these settings to choose how to process and manage the additional Bill of Materials features from Cim200.

Open: Stock Control > Utilities > System Set Up > Cim200 Settings | Bill of Materials

Select from the following settings:

Multiple Routes

Tick Multiple Routes to allow more than one set of Operations, or routing, to be setup for a Bill of Materials.

This is a useful option when a manufactured item can be made in more than one way, and the way it is made will vary depending on external constraints such as production capacity or costs, sub-contract availability, component stock availability, lead times, etc.

Perhaps work is ideally done in-house on machine A, or if not available then on machine B; or perhaps the entire build will be sub-contracted.

Each route is a self-contained set of operations, and multiple routes can be setup against one Bill of Materials. If this option is enabled, the New, Amend and View Bill of Materials screens will have the Operations tab removed and replaced by a Routes tab, which contains the list of routes setup for the BOM.

As the option is enabled, for all BOMs any existing operations setup on the Operations tab will be migrated into a Route so that existing data is not lost. The Reference and Description of this Route can be set at this point.

Reverse Build Cost Variance

If nominal integration is switched on in Stock Control, this account is used by the Reverse Build screen in Cim200 Bill of Materials.

Any discrepancy between the issue cost of the built item and the total receipt cost of the component items will be posted to Cost Variance.

Cost variances will be automatically posted to the nominal account set here.

Fulfil Component Shortages With Alternative Items

If component parts have alternatives which can be used in their place during BOM Builds, they can be automatically substituted when the BOM component has a shortage. Tick Fulfil Component Shortages With Alternative Items to enable this option when using Record Built Items.

With this option enabled, when in the Record Built Items screen the Process button is clicked, to check stock of components, users have the option to use an alternative item in place of any components with a shortage, to allow the build to continue.

Alternatives can be setup on the Stock Item Details screen for the BOM component, in either the Alternatives tab, using the preferred alternative, or on the Details tab in the Superseded By field.

If there is no stock of the BOM component, Sage will source the total component requirement from the alternative item.

If there is some stock of the BOM component, but it is insufficient for the requirement, Sage will first use all the available BOM component then make up the shortage from the alternative item.

Note: This option is applicable only in the Record Built Items screen. It is not applicable in the New Allocation, Trial Kitting, Maximum Build, Costing or Explosion screens.

Cleardown Audit Records

Cim200 automatically keeps a log of changes made to Bill of Materials records, which are visible on the Audit Log tab in the Amend Bill of Materials and View Bill of Materials screens.

As the audit log builds up the list of changes can grow large; it can be a useful housekeeping exercise to remove the oldest changes, so that it is easier to see more recent changes.

Click the Cleardown Audit Records button to clear down audit log records.


1. Specify the age range of audit records to remove in the Date Range calendar boxes.

2. To remove all changes made within the specified date range, leave All Users ticked.

  • To remove only changes made by a certain user untick All Users and select the required user on the User Name select list.

3. Click OK to proceed and review the number of records that will be removed.

4. To proceed with the cleardown click Yes. To abort the cleardown click No.

Recost when Saving

Only applicable where multiple routes are in use on Bills of Materials, tick this option to have Save recost a BOM when it is created or amended.

Ticking this option should be done in conjunction with unticking a similar option in Bill of Material Settings | Costing, to avoid Sage prompting twice to recost the BOM.