Use these settings to choose how to process and manage additional features provided by Cim200 in the Commercials modules.

Open: Stock Control > Utilities > System Set Up > Cim200 Settings | Commercials

Select from the following settings:

Configure Quick Text Options

Comment type lines can be added to all Sales documents – Orders, Quotes, Proformas, Returns – as a means of adding additional notes which have no associated charge or cost but can be included in both internal and customer-facing documentation.

As standard, the comment must be free text entered by the user each time.

Cim200 allows for comments to be setup in advance and then used for quickly and easily populating document lines, by clicking on the Quick Text button on the line entry screen.

Click Configure Quick Text Options to setup required comments for use in Sales document entry.

Maintain Package Types

Cim200 adds a Courier Details button to the Sales Order Confirm Goods Despatched screen, giving the ability to record details of the consignment being despatched.

Various details can be recorded against each Sales Order despatch, including the Package Type being despatched. The package types which are available for selection can be setup in advance, through the Maintain Package Types button.

Click Maintain Package Types to add any required package types.