Maintain Package Types

Package Types are the different ways that despatches can be packed for transit – for example, Pallet, Box, Envelope.

Package Types are part of the Courier Details which can be recorded when despatching Sales Orders from the Sales Order Confirm Goods Despatched screen, giving the ability to enter details of the consignment being despatched.

The Package Types which are available to select on despatch can be setup in advance using this screen.

Maintain Package Types

Open: Stock Control > Utilities > System Set Up > Cim200 Settings | Commercials

1. Click Maintain Package Types to setup required Package Types.

2. Click Add to add a new Package Type. Enter the required text.

3. To remove an existing Package Type, select the entry and click Delete.

4. Click OK to save changes to Quick Text. Click Cancel to cancel changes to Package Types.