Maintain Quick Text Options

Comment type lines can be added to all Sales documents – Orders, Quotations, Proformas, Returns – as a means of adding additional notes which have no associated charge or cost but can be included in both internal and customer-facing documentation.

As standard, the comment must be free text entered by the user each time; however Cim200 Quick Text allows for comments to be setup in advance and then used for quickly and easily populating document lines, by clicking on the Quick Text button on the line entry screen.

Use this screen to setup and manage Quick Text comments.

Configure Quick Text Options

Open: Stock Control > Utilities > System Set Up > Cim200 Settings | Commercials

1. Click Configure Quick Text Options to setup required Quick Text comments.

2. Click Add to add a new Quick Text entry. Enter the required comment text.

3. For longer text, click Multiline to enter the Quick Text in a multiline entry screen. Click OK when completed.

4. To remove an existing Quick Text entry, select the entry and click Delete.

5. Click OK to save changes to Quick Text. Click Cancel to cancel changes to Quick Text.