Manage Component References

If you selected Component references required on the Components tab, you can enter component references on the Components.

If your business uses batch or serial numbers, you may want to enter one or more component references against the works order component.

You may also use component references when you have certain components that need to be associated with specific tasks, positions, or processes within a works order.

For example, a circuit board is made up of transistors, and in many cases, several different types of transistor. The different types of transistor can only be placed in certain positions within the board. Transistor type 1 can only be placed in position A, C and E, whereas transistor type 2 can only be placed in position B, D, F and G. You could enter component references against Transistor type 1 as PosA,PosC,PosE and those against Transistor type 2 as PosB,PosD,PosF,PosG.

Quantity checks are only performed when at least one component reference has been entered, so you can enter component references on some components but not on others.