Viewed Provisioned Traceability

For traceable built items, it is possible to assign the traceable numbers which will be used on completed products as the order is created.

After the order is entered and the traceable numbers have been provisioned, the assigned numbers can be viewed from within the Works Order.

View provisioned traceable numbers

Open: Works Orders > Works Orders List

  • In the Works Orders List, select the order you want to view.
  • Select the View button above the list view.


From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Enquiries > View Works Order

  • Select the order to view.


1. On the Main Details tab, click the View Provisioned Traceability button.

  • The View Provisioned Batch/Serial Details window appears.

2. Details of the provisioned numbers are listed, including the traceable numbers, the quantity provisioned and the quantity completed.