Subcontract type operations on Works Orders can be actioned to raise Purchase Orders for the subcontract work.

Work In Progress can be despatched to the subcontractor, to keep track of progress and produce an advice note to accompany the goods.

To Despatch Subcontract work

Open: Works Orders > Works Orders List

  • In the Works Orders List, select the order you want to issue to the subcontractor.
  • Select the Amend button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Works Orders > Works Orders > Amend Works Order

  • Type or select the Works Order Number from the drop-down list.


1. Click on the Subcontracting tab.

2. Before you can despatch, a subcontract Purchase order must first be raised for the operation.

3. Select the subcontract order to despatch. Click Despatch to open the Despatch Subcontract Order(s) screen.

4. Set the Despatch Date for the despatch. This defaults to today’s date.

5. The Despatch Subcontract Orders section shows open subcontract orders:


Works Order : No The Works Order number of the operation.

Seq. : The sequence number of the operation.

Op. Reference : The operation reference.

Op. Description : The operation description.

Purchase Order : The Purchase Order number for the work.

Line # : The Purchase Order line number for the work.

Description : The Purchase Order line description.

Outstanding Qty : The quantity to despatch on the Purchase Order.

Despatch Qty : The quantity to despatch.


6. Set a Despatch quantity on the operation line to despatch.

7. Enter any required notes into the area below the Enter Despatches area. These notes will be visible in despatch history from the subcontracting area of the Works Order.

8. Click Despatch to complete the despatch. Click Close to cancel without despatching.