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Print Works Order Labels

Use the Print Works Order Labels screen to print ad-hoc labels for Works Order completions.

Completion labels can also be printed automatically as completions are recorded.

Multiple label formats can be setup to print if different formats are required.

Before You Begin

  • All required document formats must be created using Sage Report Designer.
  • Setup all the documents to be printed in Maintain Works Order Settings.

Printing Ad-hoc Labels

Open: Works Orders > Works Order List

  • Select the works order you want to record completion labels for.
  • Select the Print Labels button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Printing > Print Works Order Labels

  • ┬áType or select the Works Order number to print labels for.

1. The Completions area lists all completions made against the selected Works Order.

2. Select the completion to print labels for.

3. To print all label formats which are setup in Works Order Settings as printed by default, click Print Default Labels.

4. Alternatively, to select which labels format(s) to print, click Select Labels to Print.

  • From the list of available labels, tick each label to print.
  • The Is Default setting indicates whether the label is set to print by default.
  • Click Print to print all ticked labels for the selected completion.

5. Labels will be printed according to the label printing setting on the built item stock control record. If the item is not set to print labels, no labels will be printed.