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Confirm Component Assocation

Open: Works Orders > Processing > Complete Works Orders

  • Select the Works Order Number from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the To Complete Qty.
  • Click Complete to proceed with the order completion.
  • If the completed item is traceable, the Add Completion Traceable Details window appears. Complete the traceable details and click OK.
  • If the order is enabled for component association, the Confirm Component Association screen will appear. This requires the completed traceable numbers to be associated individually with the component traceable numbers that went into each one.


1. From the Traceable Assemblies and Components area, expand the finished item to display each traceable number being completed. The status of each one will be Quantity Mismatch, which must be resolved before the component association can be saved.

2. Find the first traceable number to associate and expand it to display all traceable components issued to the order.

3. In the Select Batch/Serial Numbers for… area at the bottom of the screen, tick the box (for serialised components) or enter the quantity (for batched components) for each traceable number to associate with the finished item traceable number, up to the total Qty Required shown at the bottom.

4. Repeat for any further traceable components. When all traceable components are fully associated the Quantity Mismatch status changes to OK to proceed.

5. Repeat for any other completed traceable numbers, until all lines have status OK to proceed.

6. Click OK to save the component association and proceed with the completion.