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About Entering and Posting Timesheets

When recording actual operation times against Works Orders, the Maintain Timesheets screen can be used for recording times for each employee.

For example, to record the previous week’s working hours against the orders they were working on, the Timesheets screen allows all the times to be entered in one batch.

Timesheets can be saved then separately posted, allowing them to be reviewed before posting to the Works Orders.

The times entered are recorded against the specific employee who performed the work.

To record times and costs directly against the Works Order instead of against the Employee, use the Operation Times/Costs screen.

Note: If no actual times are recorded against an operation, Cim200 will automatically use the expected times and costs as the actuals when the Works Order is Closed.


Enter Timesheets

Before entering Timesheets, ensure the required Employee records have been setup using the Enter New Timesheet Employee screen.

Timesheets cannot be entered for Employees set as Locked.

Open: Works Orders > Works Order List.

  • Select the Timesheets button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Processing > Operational Costs > Timesheets

  • Type the Employee Reference or select it from the drop-down list
  • The Live Timesheets tab lists any Timesheets that have been previously entered for the selected user, but not yet Posted.


The Submitted Timesheets tab lists any historic Timesheets that have been completed and posted.


1. To add a new Timesheet, click the Add New button. This opens the Timesheet Entry screen.

2. To review and make changes to the timesheet, select the line and click Edit.  This opens the Timesheet Entry screen with details of the selected timesheet.

3. Once it is ready to be posted, select the timesheet and click Post Timesheet.

4. Click Yes to confirm posting.