Enter Timesheet Costs

When recording Works Order timesheets, use the Enter Timesheet Costs screen to view and amend the cost calculation for each Timesheet line.

This screen is only available when the Use Employee Rates on Timesheets setting is not enabled in Maintain Works Order Settings.


To View and Amend Timesheet Costs

Open: Works Orders > Works Order List.

  • Select the Timesheets button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Processing > Operational Costs > Timesheets


1. To add a new Timesheet, click the Add New button, or to edit an existing Timesheet, click the Edit button. This opens the Timesheet Entry screen.

2. Select a timesheet entry, click in the Costs box and click on the drop-down to open the Operation Cost Entry screen.

3. The costs so far recorded against the operation are displayed, broken down over the different cost headings.

Note: If the operation is already setup on the Works Order, the cost rate will default from the Works Order operation resource details. If the operation has been manually added to the screen, the cost rate will be defaulted from the operation setup on the Operations Register.

4. To amend any rates, type the rate into the Rate column on each cost type for which time is being recorded. The Cost total will be updated to reflect the new rate.

5. Enter any notes required on this window for information purposes only.

6. To save any changes, click OK.