Scrap Components

During manufacture, components or raw materials may become spoilt or damaged and need to be scrapped. You can scrap materials after they have been issued to the Works Order.

Open: Works Orders > Works Order List.

  • Select the works order you want to record completed scrap for.
  • Select the Scrap Components button above the list view.

From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Processing > Scrap > Scrap Components

  • Select the works order from the drop-down list.

1. All components which have a WIP quantity on the Works Order will be listed. WIP quantity is the quantity of stock issued to the order which has not already been scrapped.

You can view the amount required and the number of components that have been scrapped already.

2. Set the appropriate Scrap Date. This date will be used in scrap history records.

3. If reissuing any stock at the same time as scrapping, set the Reissue Date. This date will be used in component transaction history records and for Nominal Ledger postings.

4. Against the component to scrap, select the appropriate Scrap Code.

5. Also enter the quantity of the components to scrap in the Scrap Now Qty box.

6. To issue more stock in replacement for the scrapped goods, enter the quantity to issue in the Re-Issue Now Qty box.

7. To record a specific note about the reason for scrapping, enter required text into the Scrappage Reason box at the bottom of the screen.

More about the Scrap Now Qty

The Scrap Now quantity must not exceed the quantity that has already been issued. It must be a valid stock unit quantity. If it is not valid, the quantity is automatically adjusted to the nearest appropriate value.

If the component is traceable, a list of the traceable numbers already issued to the order is displayed when you move from the Scrapped box.

Select from the list of traceable item numbers those which are to be scrapped, to the value of the quantity in the Scrapped box.

Note: If components are traceable and component association is in used on the Works Order, traceable numbers associated to a completion cannot be scrapped. Instead, use the Reverse Completion screen to reverse the completion, scrap the relevant traceable number(s) and then complete again with the replacement traceable number(s).

5. Repeat the above steps for each component.

6. To proceed, click OK.

A scrap transaction is created and linked to the works order component line, accessible by clicking on the Scrap Details button from the Components tab in the Works Order. This shows the date, operator, quantity, traceable number(s), scrap code and reason text of the scrap entry.