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Update Bom Record from Works Order

When a Works Order is created, the components, operations, attachments, documents and analysis code values are copied to it from the Bill of Materials.

In the Works Order you can make changes to any of these details – either adding, editing, or deleting information – but these changes only apply to the Works Order; the Bill of Materials is not updated.

Sometimes the changes to a Works Order need to apply to all future orders, so they should be updated back to the Bill of Materials.

Use this screen to update a Works Order’s details back to its Bill of Materials, so that it becomes the template for future orders.

If Multiple Routes is enabled, Operation details will be updated back to the Route selected when the Works Order was entered.

Update a BOM from Works Order

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > File Maintenance > Update BOM Record from Works Order

  • Type the Works Order No. or select it from the drop-down list.
  • Tick the required copy options to update back to the Bill of Materials. Choose from Components, Operations, Documents and Analysis.
  • Click Copy to confirm the update.

Note: Selecting Documents causes the details in both the Attachments and Drawings tab to be updated.