Analysis Codes

Analysis codes are additional fields used to record information for which there is not already a dedicated field on the Works Order screen.

For consistency, and to eliminate duplication of effort, analysis code values in the built item’s BOM can be copied into the Works Order as it is created.

Where the same analysis code is setup in both modules, the values will be automatically copied from the BOM to the Works Order.

Before using Analysis Codes on Works Orders, the analysis codes must be setup in Accounting System Manager, then assigned to the Works Order module in Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Setup > Maintain Works Order Analysis Codes.

View Works Order Analysis Code Values

Open: Works Orders > Utilities > File Maintenance > Archived Works Order List

  • Select the View button above the list view.
  • Click on the Analysis Codes tab.

Or from the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Enquiries > View Archived Works Order

  • Enter the Works Order number.
  • Click on the Analysis Codes tab.