Actual Cost Breakdown

The Total cost and Unit cost for a Works Order is the sum cost of each cost type – Materials, Setup, Runtime Labour, Runtime Machine, Subcontract, Tooling, Overheads and Additional Costs.

When a Works Order is first saved, an initial costing is done based on the components and operations and their expected costs.

Each costing made against the order is recorded with a full breakdown which can be accessed from the Costing tab.

When actual costs are recorded against the order, they are displayed in a separate column in the Costing tab, summarised by their cost type.

View Costing information

Open: Works Orders > Utilities > File Maintenance > Archived Works Order List

  • Select the View button above the list view.
    • Click on the Costing tab

Or from the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Enquiries > View Archived Works Order

  • Enter the Works Order number
  • Click on the Costing tab


View Actual Cost Breakdown

Actual Costs are calculated for the Works Order whenever costs are recorded against it.

The Current Costs area shows summary totals for each cost type to see a more detailed breakdown use the Actual Cost Breakdown button.

  • Click on Actual Cost Breakdown.
  • The Actual Costs area displays a similar breakdown to the Current Costs summary, but it can be expanded.
  • Click by the cost type Reference to expand an item.
  • The specific Quantity and Actual Cost of each item is displayed on each line.
  • Click Close to close the screen.